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Aden note

2018-05-01 11:12:00

Aden is located in the province, where the altitude is relatively high, visitors to travel should pay attention to the following points:


Identification card


Related travel supplies


It is recommended that high blood pressure, heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage and other symptoms of tourists or elderly people over 60, it is best not to travel. If you deliberately conceal your medical history, you shall bear the consequences.


Clothing for the plateau monsoon climate, most of the time the weather is sunny, Yang Mei, all rain and snow, but also in the night landing. Alpine canyon area, the average annual temperature 11.5 degrees to 12.8 degrees, plateau area, the average temperature of the coldest month -5 degrees, the average temperature of the hottest month 10 degrees to 12.1 degrees, the lowest temperature of the year is January, can reach -27 degrees. In winter, spring and autumn, you must bring thick sweaters, thick coats, waterproof and rainproof clothing, gloves, scarves, and travel shoes or hiking shoes that protect heat and fire. In summer, it is necessary to bring thick sweaters and thick coats, because the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Keep warm early in the morning and night to avoid colds (be sure to bring thick clothes);


The tourists who first enter the plateau area should be in good physical condition, and it is best to bring drugs for emergency needs. Several drugs are provided for your reference: Gastrointestinal medicine, muscle and liver oral liquid, salitpain, cold medicine, antipyretic medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, antidiarrheal medicine, complex vitamins, cod liver oil, rhodiola (it is best to start taking a week before departure, but the temporary effect is not very good) In addition, it is best to prepare one to two buckets of oxygen, some hospitals along the way are supplied with aerobic air bags. The vast majority of people who first arrived at the plateau have varying degrees of altitude sickness, which is normal. The symptoms will gradually diminish or disappear. The most important thing is not to go into the plateau in fear.


High altitude ultraviolet light is extremely strong, outdoor activities are best to wear a visor and sunglasses, so as not to burn the skin and eyes. The Tibetan "doctor hat" can not only block the sun, but also protect from rain and snow. During the rainy season from June to September, you should also bring rainproof equipment such as raincoats and umbrellas. Outdoor activities pay attention to safety, it is best to travel in groups.


Tibetan compatriots generally do not taboo being photographed by guests, but Tibetan compatriots in individual places will refuse to be photographed by guests or take photos with guests because of their habits, so it is best to obtain the consent of the other party before taking photos. Photographers who like to shoot reverse films should also note that the state basically does not buy reverse films, and negative films can be guaranteed. Bring plenty of film, storage cards, and special batteries.

Matters needing attention

Due to the long road and poor road conditions, and driving on the plateau, the road conditions are difficult.