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Aden classic hiking trail

2018-03-14 19:12:00

Yading is located in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, located in the eastern part of the famous Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the middle of the Hengduan Mountains, is a national nature reserve, provincial scenic area, known as "the last Shangri-La", "Shangri-La Wonderland", "the last piece of pure land on the blue planet". Yading Tibetan language means "land", also known as Nianqingri Song Kampo, that is, "holy land" meaning, Yading scenic area belongs to the mountain canyon scenic area, 2900 meters () -6032 meters above sea level (Xiannairi peak), covers an area of 1344 square kilometers, is currently China's most intact, one of the most original alpine natural ecosystems. Presenting the world's beautiful mountain and canyon natural scenery, it is the core of China's Shangri-La eco-tourism area.


Knife, white medicine, map, kettle


Bleach or alum, sleeping bag or tent, cash


Id card belt


Day 1: - First Bay of the Yangtze River - Benzilan - De Rong (275 km) 8:30 am from the departure to De Rong, first to the Xianggri Xionggu Observation platform, where you can see two sea level above 5000 meters Yulong and Haba snow Mountain, and then to the first bay of the Yangtze River, zero distance contact with the famous First Bay of the Yangtze River, along the Grand Canyon to reach. The second day: - Namesun Snow Mountain - Sangdui - (243 km) about 8 am from the start, to the core area of Xiangbhala, in Tibetan translation means "Buddha beads in the hand", because Shuoqu, Mayi, Dingqu three rivers from north to south across the territory, like a string of Buddhist beads, hence the name! Standing on the hillside of Bamu Mountain and looking down at the whole thing, I can see the mist between the suburbs, and the white houses in the distance are like cheese pieces soaked in milk. After eating Chinese food, I reach Sangdui Township after crossing the nameless snow mountain. Along the road from Sangdui, the pasture is open, the streams are gentle, the mountains are rolling, and the vast grassland is dotted with cattle and sheep, which is extremely peaceful and peaceful. Patches of poplar trees and red meadows have become iconic landscapes that photographers must photograph.                                                                                                        Day 3: - Riva - Yading - Longlongba - Chonggu Temple - Zhen (120 km) Starting at about 8 o 'clock in the morning, on the way to enjoy the landmark landscape of ten thousand acres of poplar forest, over the sea of 4513 meters of Powa Mountain, through the picturesque alpine pasture, spectacular canyon forest, through the beautiful Shangri-La township (Riva), noon to the world of Yading village. Start walking from Longlongba to Chonggu Temple, in the middle, you will pass the thousand-year-old Lamani pile of Tibetan Buddhism, about an hour to reach Chonggu Temple, where you can enjoy the highest snow mountain in the sea of Yadin, the Goddess of Guanyin known as Senai Rishi Mountain, from Chonggu Temple about an hour to reach the sacred lake under Senai Rishi - Zhen, here is the best location to shoot the Senai Rishi Mountain, The reflection of Senaichi Sacred mountain is printed in the holy lake, which shows the holiness and nobility of the sacred mountain. Then return to Yading village on the fourth day: Yading - Longlongba - Chonggu Temple - Luorong Cattle farm - Milk Sea - Five Color Sea - (120 km) In the morning in Yading village to enjoy the Senai day, from the Longtongba start to hike again to Chonggu Temple; About half an hour after taking the scenic environmental protection sightseeing car from Chonggu Temple, the most beautiful alpine pasture Luorong cattle farm in Aden, a piece of wildflowers are blooming, turning the entire pasture into a sea of flowers, here is also the best position to watch the three snow mountains, the three sacred mountains are in the shape of a fine view, blue sky, grassland, flower sea, snow mountains let people feel like being in a dream wonderland. After climbing for more than an hour from the Luorong cattle farm, they reached the holy Lake Milk Sea, the blue milk sea is like the tears of the blue earth dotted in the snow-capped mountains, from the right side of the milk Sea about 100 meters, they reached the highest point of the migration - the five color sea, the five color sea shows five colors under the sunlight, it is said that sincere people, You can see your future here. Standing at the highest point of 4600 meters of the five Colors Sea, you can enjoy the sacred mountain and the sacred lake from different angles. Then return the same way to Aden and arrive at about dusk. Day 5: - Sangdui - Nameless Snow Mountain - Small snow Mountain - Big Snow Mountain - Shangri-La (330 km) Early from the departure, after reaching Sangdui Township, over the nameless snow Mountain to arrive, after lunch, again over the Da, small snow Mountain to reach Shangri-La, on the way to the evening free activities, you can visit Shangri-La Moonlight, go to Guishan Park to promote the world's largest rotary drum!         Day 6: Shangri-La - Lashihai - (180 km) From Shangri-La, through Xiaozhongdian, Yi villages, at noon to Tiger Leaping Gorge town, after dinner to the International Plateau Wetland Park - Lashihai, about five o 'clock back, the end of the magical Shangri-La trip.