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About French Cosmetics

2018-01-21 01:36:00

There are basically two routes to buy French cosmetics, one is to go to Sephora, Marionnaud, Parashop or major counters in the mall to look for various international brands such as Chanel, Dior, etc., and the other is to go straight to the Green Cross Pharmacy everywhere in France. It is said that pharmacy, in fact, almost every pharmacy has at least half of the area operating skin care products, the brand of the full line of rich only you can not think of you can not find! This sharing content is excerpted from the French shopping guide, if you want to understand the real-time information of French cosmetics discounts and prices recommend you to use shopping notes, there are many users to share the price and use of French cosmetics introduction. Although France is the home of many first-line cosmetics brands such as Chanel and Dior, as well as the headquarters of cosmetics giants such as L 'Oreal, the various local brands still make people cross eyes. Here let the little Red to clarify the clue of these brands: 1, cosmeceuticals will fail 2, essential oils and body care 3, star talent sincerely recommended


Shopping notes

Cosmeceuticals will fail

Otiri Caudalie is priced at around 60% off Queen's Water: EUR 29/100ml (about 240 yuan) Otiri is also known as Theofai or Big grape. In 1993, the founder Mathilde and the professor of the School of Pharmacy of the University of Bordeaux jointly found that the grape seeds left after brewing wine contain rich antioxidant elements, and launched a series of care products containing grape seed polyphenols, specifically to combat skin aging. Vinexpert Complements Alimentaires Grape Seed capsule VINExpert Complements Alimentaires' main function is antioxidant, which should be taken for a long time to improve the skin and body condition. In France, the price is about 18 euros (about 150 yuan), 2 capsules a day, a box can be taken for 15 days, which is slightly more expensive than GNC health products with similar functions. Queen Water Eaude Beaute is said to be the immortal water of the Hungarian Queen for eternal youth. It is a highly concentrated formula combining essence and toner, and it tastes as grape as ever. Where to buy: Sephora, Paris


European Tree Nuxe price 60% discount magic care oil: EUR19/100ml (about 160 yuan) In recent years by fresh cream and a variety of natural products become popular a plant brand. Products and formulations have undergone multiple tests under medical supervision to ensure safety and reliability. Xiao Hong's personal experience is that all products really have their claimed gorgeous aroma and rich texture, very plant is very reassuring. Star product: Miracle care oil Huile Prodigieuse this product has two versions - with gold powder and without gold powder, in fact, in addition to the difference of BlingBling, other are the same, the whole body can be wiped. As a lazy person, the most common dry is to squeeze out a few drops mixed in the face cream, thick rub a layer on the face and then sleep, the morning will feel all kinds of beautiful life. Tips: The general single sale is 19 euros, there are sets, a bottle of 100ml of non-gold powder oil, send a cream, an aromatherapy candle and a small bottle of gold powder oil, the price is only about 24 euros. Cosmeceuticals often have activities, and the limit price Xiaohong has bought is 10 euros a bottle. Honey cleansing gel Reve de Miel is popular with a treasure product, cheap, large bowl, low irritation, cleaning power is also good. It's hard not to be tempted by a 200ml facial cleanser that costs less than 10 euros. If there's room for your luggage, buy it. It's a great shower gel. Creme Fraiche This creme Fraiche comes in three varieties: intensive, normal, and light. It has the same texture as ice cream, is not greasy, has a nice smell, and has an obvious moisturizing effect. It is an essential bottle for dry autumn and winter. Where to buy: major drugs and tax-free Tips: St Germain des Pres drugs are the cheapest, but they are crowded every day, and those who are not afraid of crowding and can get up early can fight.


Cetaphil French brand Cetaphil has been working closely with dermatologists around the world since its inception and is the most recommended skin care product by dermatologists and pediatricians in the United States. Non-irritating products suitable for any skin, season and age are also the affordable products strongly recommended by major magazines. Star Product: Gentle Skin Cleanser Gentle Skin Cleanser A very gentle cleanser that is free of fragrances and alkalis and can be used for your baby's delicate skin. Where to buy: major cosmeceuticals


Bioderma price 5-6 fold skin cleansing liquid EUR 9/250ml(about 75 yuan) convenient and quick and nourishing skin makeup removal is king, for lazy people, go home directly after a few pieces of makeup removing cotton dip and wipe the face can directly do other things, for waterproof makeup removal effect is not discounted, The skin will not feel tight or uncomfortable after use. Star product: Sensibio H2O cleanser is designed to remove makeup from sensitive skin, and a best-selling bottle is sold every six seconds. Where to buy: major cosmeceuticals


Vichy pricing around 50% off cleansing and flawless acne moisturizer EUR12/50ml (about RMB 100) Vichy is the world's first water-rich skin care brand, so it should not let it shout "the source of healthy skin". Its strengths are moisturizing and sun protection. Star product: Mineral moisturizer AQUALIA THERMAL CREAM is a moisturizer suitable for mixed or oily skin. It has a refreshing texture and will not feel sticky in summer. NORMADERM ANTI-IMPERFECTION HYDRATION CARE NormadERM Anti-imperfection Hydration Care is oil-free and rich in Vicia water to perfection perfection hydration Care. The perfection hydration Care has a perfect moisturizing effect. Where to buy: Cosmeceuticals

Essential oils and body treatments

Patyka Musk Wild Rose Royal Dew EUR42/50ml (about 350 yuan) originated from the Hungarian royal family beauty secret formula, famous for anti-aging maintenance essential oil. Lady Gaga, who has swept the world with her ever-changing look, posted a photo of her wine life when she arrived in Taiwan, surrounded by French organic care brand Patyka. Do not add flavor, adhere to the natural flavor of the product. Star Product: Musk Wild Rose Royal Dew Huile Absolue Face & Body Serum100% natural formula essential oil lotion, very easy to absorb, will not form oil film floating on the skin surface, women can be used to prevent wrinkles, men can be used to soothe the skin after shaving, can also be a massage oil for baby Oh! Where to buy: Boutique Address 54, rue Rambuteau, Paris75003


Florihana pricing 6-7% off Damascus rose pure dew Rosa Damascena EUR13.16/500ml (about 109 yuan) Play essential oils should know this brand, flower water, essential oils are good, the price is also cheap, buy essential oils DIY is also good, mainly does not account for the suitcase. Where to buy: Spring Department Store


Sanoflore pricing 6-70% discount is also a variety of flower water, in France Chinese students almost hand a bottle, rose and lavender flavor of the most famous. Where to buy: Cosmeceuticals


Methode Jeanne Piaubert body line reduction cream EUR 55/200ml (about 457 yuan) launched in 1928, the brand is famous for firming and slimming; Skin care series, is to extract natural plant essence, and then with a unique formula, developed a significant effect of medical beauty care products. Star Product: Vergeturyl Creme is a refreshing gel cream that can effectively prevent and reduce skin cracks caused by pregnancy, weight loss and sudden weight change during growth. It has been highly recommended by users for 15 years. Expresslim Specific Care for Flabby thighs - 8 days Express Slim Specific Care for flabby thighs - 8 Days Express Slim Specific Care for flabby thighs - 8 days Express Slim Specific Care for flabby thighs - 8 days Express Slim specific Care for flabby thighs - 8 days Express Slim specific care for flabby thighs - 8 days Express Slim specific care for flabby thighs - 8 days Express Slim specific care for flabby thighs - 8 days Express Slim specific care for flabby thighs It costs 83 euros, or about 690 yuan. Where to buy: major department stores

Star talent sincerely recommend

TALIKA TALIka Mascara EUR34/10ml (about 283 yuan) focuses on the eye, hand and face care of Talika, natural effects stand the test of time, so won the love of many global red stars, well-known makeup artists. Even Victoria, Kate Moss, Maggie Cheung and Barbie Hsu are all big fans of TALIKA products. Star product: Lipocils Mascara This is the only product on the market that is approved by the French National Advertising Control Authority to promote eyelash growth. "No female artist does not pay attention to eyelashes, because the eyes will not discharge, the key is all in it!" I recommend Talica eyelash Toner, which is mainly used for growth and is very easy to use, morning and night." -- Big S Where to buy: Sephora counter


Langastine Lancaster Hydrating Body Sunscreen Lotion EUR31.5/125ml (about 262 yuan) Europe's first sun care brand Langastine originated in Monaco, is now has 65 years of history of the originator of sun protection. Dual sun protection combined with DNA technology is also a must for summer trips. Star product: Lait Solaire HauteProtection is suitable for Asian skin. The moisturizing formula makes skin soft and comfortable. 356 Cellular Elixir Intense - Youth Renewal is suitable for people with anti-aging needs, skin sagging, wrinkly, dull and lacking. Where to buy: Department store counters, Sephora counters and cosmeceuticals


Sampar Pure Beauty Balance Acne Print liquid EUR19.9/6ml (about 165 yuan) is a relatively niche brand in Sephora, featuring the anti-pollution skin care concept, each product contains the patented formula of "urban advance urban activity" complex, essential oils and high-tech natural active factors. Star Product: Stylo AbsoluPurete is suitable for oily and mixed oily skin. It can be applied every 2-3 hours on acne areas. The ball bearing design makes it easier to apply. "I get pimples very easily when I'm stressed and busy at work. When you get pimples, use it now, with soothing plant oil ingredients." -- Miss P

Matters needing attention

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