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A Wolf's way

2018-03-14 17:36:00

What is the Wolf strategy route, I believe that many friends are very interested in this problem, the following to introduce to you, hope to help you.


Pick up the prop on the ground, turn around and walk back directly, you will see a prop at the end.


Then walk forward to leave the cave, and press the jump button on the wall during the jump to enhance the wall jump.


After coming out of the cave to the edge of the cliff, press the action key along the wall to walk on the wall, and go to the end of the direction key to peek outside the wall.


Press the left rocker to squat into the stealth state, along the grass, to the house floor below you can press the cross key to eavesdrop.


After learning that the little Lord was imprisoned in the moon observation tower, he obtained information and left along the grass through another exit of the floor.


At this time, follow the prompt, grasp the white edge of the overhang with your hand, climb the cliff into the house, and trigger the plot inside the house.