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A trip to

2018-03-19 19:12:00

Those who want to travel spend the least money and see the most beautiful scenery. This guideline is the talk, the chance to have the chance to go,. I'm not traveling on a budget, I'm not hitchhiking, I'm just a normal, crazy person who wants to go.


An intelligence




The departure distance is relatively far, you can buy a plane ticket, it is not recommended to do the train, slow not to say, the ticket price is similar to the ticket. For those who are closer, please skip this section. You can choose to fly in first, because it's not cost effective to fly directly. The last time I started, I used the Ctrip app to buy the air rail special, and I took the high-speed rail first, and then I flew to it. The total ticket cost less than $600. Now it is very convenient to buy air tickets and train tickets, and sometimes you can buy discounted air tickets, which is very cost-effective. When you find that the ticket for a direct flight from the departure point is very expensive, you can choose to change the departure point and try to choose a larger airport.


After arriving, there is no hurry to go directly or, because there are authentic rice noodles across the bridge. I'm not a foodie, but it's really good. And it is necessary to visit Dianchi Lake first.


There are many fun places, not introduced here one by one, the theme is to save money to,. From a direct flight, not recommended to sit, more than 200 blocks, sickeningly expensive. Just get the first train piece. 64 bucks. You may meet all kinds of homeless people on the train, and it is necessary for you to talk.


There, take the shuttle bus directly to the exit. Generally out of the train station there is a shuttle bus, you can ask the driver which way to the master. There are many inns, it is not recommended to live outside, the road is far expensive. Going inside, you can see several hutongs, which are full of inns and are cheap and hygienic. Some inns charge only 20 yuan for three meals a day, which is very cost-effective. Because it's expensive to eat there. And the inn is generally very characteristic, will provide free maps, condoms and so on. The night you stay at the inn, you'll realize it wasn't for nothing.


After staying, there is no need for a guide, because the volunteers who work in the hostel are very easy to get along with. They will be happy to introduce you to the attractions. I don't like doing walkthroughs. It takes a lot of brain and time. You open your mouth, you have friends wherever you go. It is not recommended to join the tour group, spend more money, and play is not happy. You can only feel it if you plan your journey. Go wherever you want. That's my opinion.


That's all for now, and tomorrow I'll continue my budget-friendly adventure.

Matters needing attention

It is not recommended to join tour groups, many are irregular and easy to be cheated.


In the dead of night, be careful of the fire.