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A small collection of cooking experiences

2018-03-25 01:36:10

Personally, I think one of the practical skills that I can quickly pick up when I am single is cooking. Especially for boys, learning to cook is definitely a plus. Here is my cooking experience.


First of all, if you put too much salt in the dish, turn off the heat first, then prepare some tomatoes and cut them into slices or cubes, then open fire and stir fry, and add sugar after adding the tomatoes, it can effectively reduce the salty taste and make the taste better.


Second, personally, when I first learned to cook, I bought a variety of seasonings, and I also recommend this for beginners, because after a while you get an intuition of when to put in what seasonings will make it taste better.


Third, when cooking rice is easy to make a pot, if you don't like to eat the pot or the mouth is not good, it doesn't matter, as long as the pot is made into soup, you can put some tomatoes to cook soup.

Method/Step 2

Fourth, there will always be some leftover ingredients, my experience is to buy a little hot pot base, cook hot pot to eat, or cook noodles can also be.


Fifth, the garbage generated in the process of cooking is not small, so we must remember to throw away the garbage in time, otherwise it is easy to taste.


Sixth, buy fresh meat must first go fishy, this is very important, otherwise you will easily waste this piece of meat.