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A guide to scenic spots

2018-03-13 20:48:00

Today introduce the scenic spots, I hope to help you.


Mountain, also known as Qingyan Mountain, national AAAA level scenic spot, key cultural relic protection units, China's ghost Valley cultural holy land, the best tourist scenic spot, is located in the province and city, is well-known at home and abroad "China's first ancient military school" - mountain "Warring States military country" location. In the Warring States period, the originator of the scholar Guiguzi lived in seclusion here, giving lectures and establishing military schools.


Muzhaling is a national 4A-level scenic spot, Funiu Mountain Global Geopark, a national nature reserve, and the first primitive ecological tourism area in the province. The scenic spot is located in the east of the city, is composed of nine bump ditch, primitive forest, Guanmao peak three tourist areas. Among them, official hat Tiancheng, waterfall, ancient wood forest, interesting, flowing spring Yingcui, sea of clouds fairyland, pine birch moon shadow, wooden building Yi Qing collectively called "Muzhaling eight scenery".


The Mang-Han Cultural Scenic spot is located in Yongcheng, a small mountain group composed of more than ten hills, which is located at the junction of Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. In the vast Yuyuan, the only mountain group, like a "fairy" landed in the sky, elegant and elegant, beautiful and moving. In 2002, it was included in the province's "three points and one line" golden tourism belt. In September 2006, the scenic spot was rated as a national "AAAA" level tourist attraction.


Baligou scenic area is located in the Taihang Mountain gully, 25 kilometers northwest of Huixian City. The forest coverage rate of the scenic area reaches 90%, there are more than 1100 kinds of plants, and there are seven dangerous valleys and 36 strange peaks in the scenic area. Here gathers the essence of Taihang landscape, collection of strange, dangerous, steep, beautiful, secluded in a valley, has been a tourist resort since ancient times. The main attractions here are three pools, three niches, reservoirs, Yaojiafen, Baligou waterfall, rhesus monkey nature reserve and more than 40 places.


Yuntai Mountain is amazing in the mountain, the whole scenic area Qiuxiu Ling continuous, the main peak Zhuyu peak 1308 meters above sea level, stepping on a thousand steps of the ladder on the Zhuyu peak, north Taihang deep, towering mountains, south Huaichuan, fertile and wild, pastoral like a board, the Yellow River such as belt, make people feel happy and happy, appreciate the "will be ling top, a glance at the mountain small" mood. Yuntai Mountain is famous for its water, known as "three steps, one spring, five steps, one waterfall, ten steps, one pool".