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-- Lugu Lake budget tour Guide

2018-04-05 01:36:19

The south of colorful clouds is a tourist destination that many people yearn for. University, Building, Cuihu Park, etc.; , double corridor, etc.; , bar, etc.; Lugu Lake, a delightful fairyland......


Take yourself, your friends, your money and go

Equipping Items

Before going, it is best to book the main itinerary and wine, as well as some tickets and air tickets half a month in advance, which is convenient and save money, and the rest of the money can better buy their favorite things, haha......


Tips: (1) To understand the local weather in advance, is a plateau, strong ultraviolet, it is recommended to bring sun-protective clothing and other sunscreen products; (2) Some local items are weighed in "kilograms"; (3) Beware of black tour groups; (4) Because there are more stone roads, it is not recommended to carry too heavy luggage to travel.


Plan a trip of around 8 days.

All right --

University: Literature and art, architecture is very distinctive, very charming.


Building, Cuihu Park: free, beautiful environment, you can see a lot of tropical vegetation, there are a lot of delicious food.

All right --

Double corridor: Cangshan and Erhai are more beautiful under the blue sky, and the roadside restaurants are myriad and dotted with the shore. Standing in the seascape room, you can enjoy the beautiful face of the whole double corridor.


The vicissitudes of the years make it look like the old man has charm and connotation, and people can't help but be in it to feel that love. And the fruit is worth a try.

All right --

The charm of a touch to highlight, people wearing a variety of bright clothes to walk among them, look, go to the bar, very chic.

Travel -- Lugu Lake

Really too beautiful, you can take a boat to enjoy the lake scenery, although the road twists and turns, but not live up to.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to sun protection


It's a long way to Lugu Lake and you need to be prepared