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--, four-day tour guide

2018-03-18 08:00:38

I think most people's initial impression is from an article in a primary school Chinese textbook: landscape a world, but at that time too young to understand what is the river as a green belt, mountains like jasper hairpin. A thousand peaks ring wild stand, a water to hold the city flow. So ethereal and distant beauty. But at that time, the picture of the Elephant trunk Mountain in the text was deeply imprinted in our minds, and when it is often mentioned, it will always think of Elephant Trunk Mountain and think of the sentence of landscape a world. Then slowly grow up, it seems that everyone began to brew a dream. Landscape a world, can be called a. The reflection of the peak mountain floating water, no water no mountain not into the spirit. Probably to really go, in order to truly understand why at the beginning, Marshal Chen Yi will issue "do not want to be immortal, willing to be a man" direct but simple emotion.





Loose change


A happy mood.


The first day --


Head to the airport and get ready for boarding. In two hours, you'll be in a dreamland.


The second day


On this day, it is mainly to visit well-known and distinctive scenic spots. Including Elephant Trunk Mountain, mountain, Fubo Mountain, etc., in the evening, back to the city, you can also enjoy the unique scenery of the sun and moon.


Elephant trunk Mountain: elephant trunk clear drink jade River, west wind a water should be wave. He is a curious bone, the day is not tired of seeing. Xiangbi Mountain formerly known as Li Mountain, also known as Yi Mountain, Shen Shui mountain, short for, located in the city of Taohua River and Lijiang River confluence, the mountain resembles a standing on the river stretching nose drink Li River giant elephant named, is known as the symbol of mountains and rivers.


Mountain: The bank of the Li River in Jinbei, including Siwang Mountain, Yuyue Mountain and Mingyue and Xianhe two peaks. Because of the layers of rocks, such as colorful silk brocade overlapping, so named, the ancient mountain laurel and called the GUI mountain, and because there is a four seasons in the mountain wind hole, also called it style hole. Fubo Mountain: Fubo Mountain is located on the bank of the Li River, the lone peak is vigorous, half pillow land, half inserted into the river pool, blocking the whirl, so it is named. Also because of Han Fubo general Ma aid southern expedition through this, there are far pearl Fubo rumor named. Tang Dynasty mountain once built Fubo general court. The existing Guishui Pavilion, Listen to Tao Pavilion, half, Yuanzhu Cave, sword stone, thousand Buddha Rock, coral Rock and other places of interest, as well as a "thousand pot" weighing more than 1000 kilograms and a large bell weighing more than 2700 kilograms, for the daughter of King Kong Youde of Qing Dynasty to commemorate her father.


Sun and Moon: Sun and Moon, known as the world's first copper tower, is a beautiful night view of tourism. It is located in the central area, located on the central axis of the city, adjacent to the "Water moon". Yes, the city emblem, but the new logo. Among them, the Sun tower is 41 meters high, a total of nine floors, the whole body is decorated with pure copper, consumes 350 tons of copper, resplenent, and has an elevator for tourists to take sightseeing. All the components of the copper tower, such as tash, tile surface, warped Angle, dougong, finch, doors and Windows, columns and beams, sky and ground, are completely decorated by copper murals, and the entire copper tower sets three peaks in the world - the world's highest copper tower, the world's highest copper building, and the world's highest water tower. The Moon tower is 35 meters high and has seven layers of glass. The carved and painted doors and Windows on each floor symbolize a different theme and are rich in traditional Chinese charm. They are connected to the Pagoda by an underwater 18-meter-long aquarium, whose underground palace has large murals of blue and white plum bottles in the Ming Dynasty. Fir Lake Sun and moon has become a scenic spot for viewing the essence of the city.


The third day


Mountains and rivers are the best in the world. Farewell, the third day we can go to the most can reflect the spirit of the landscape. Here, we can take a boat tour of the Li River and experience exciting rafting in the Yulong River.


Lijiang River: The mountains on both sides of the river are tall and upright, and the forms are myriad. Velvety bushes and flowers on the hills, like a beautiful woman's clothes; On the dam, green Fengtail bamboo, like a girl's skirt, swaying with the wind, graceful. The reflection of the mountain peak, a little hazy, a little clear, fishing boat light drive, looking down at the water is really "the boat on the top of the line." The Li River, a pearl of China's splendid rivers and mountains, is the essence, soul and essence of the scenery. It has long been famous, famous in the world.


Yulong River: Yulong River water quality is clear all year round, the water flow is slow. Yulong River on both sides of the mountain beautiful rolling, rolling, myriad forms, green grass, bamboo lush, trees shady. Its water is like green jade, clear and bright, fish idle, water raft floating, one can see. Breeze blowing across the water, bursts of ripples, like violin notes, quietly, gently. More like a scroll scroll, the mountains on both sides of the river, the bamboo peaks, the rice fields along the coast are constantly changing colors throughout the year, and the fields are full of vitality and green, which shows the poetic meaning.


Day 4 ————


How time flies! I'm leaving soon. I don't know if we can go back to such a beautiful place. However, before taking the plane back, we can also take the last time to enjoy the "Yijiang Edge" scenic spot with minority characteristics, do the last carnival, and then end the happy trip.


Yijiang River edge: Yijiang Edge scenic spot is located in Wutong Town, the only way to the world-famous "Longji Terrace" scenic spot on the Northwest tourism route. The Northwest tourism route with a long corridor has gathered a dozen ethnic minorities such as Miao, Yao, Dong and Zhuang. The mighty mountains and forests, mountain waterfalls, canyons and torrent, terraces and fiery folk customs are intertwined. Form a unique and beautiful tourist landscape.

Matters needing attention

Respect the customs of ethnic minorities