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-, Big Buddha, lofty guide

2018-02-26 06:24:00

E is located in E City, China, the scenic area of 154 square kilometers, the highest peak Wanfo Ding 3099 meters above sea level. With steep terrain and beautiful scenery, it has the reputation of "show A world". The climate is diverse and the vegetation is rich, with more than 3,000 species of plants, including some rare tree species in the world. There are more groups of monkeys along the mountain road, often to beg for food from visitors in groups, which is a major feature of Emei. E is one of the four major Buddhists in China, as a Bodhisattva's dojo, the main worship of the Buddha, there are about 26 temples, there are eight important temples, Buddhist frequent. On December 6, 1996, the Buddha was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural and natural heritage site.


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Day 1: - Go to the airport by yourself and gather together. Guests with valid ID card will arrive on the plane, and the tour guide will pick up the group and then drive to the hotel for rest. Visitors can go to the city according to the time to visit the major attractions and commercial areas of Du Fu Cottage, history museum, Qintai Road, wide and narrow alley, big panda House, etc.


On the second day after the wine breakfast 08:00 on time departure for more than 400 kilometers away enjoy the "wonderland on earth" known as the scenic spot. Along the way: the millennium water conservancy project construction site - Dujiangyan City. After the Chinese revolution a piece of red land - (in 1935, the Chinese Red Army long March through the Qiang village, lasting eight months, a total of more than 2,000 people in the county participated in the Red Army); Tubo leader Songtsen Gambo, princess marriage place - county. Evening arrival wine check-in rest.


Day 3: All-day scenic tour After breakfast, take the tour bus to Goukou, change the sightseeing bus to the tour focus of the whole trip - world-class scenic reserve. Is by the green sea, overlapping waterfalls, colorful forests, clouds, snow peaks and strange and colorful Tibetan customs into the style of natural charm unique fairyland. The landscape is mainly distributed in the Shuzheng ditch, Rize ditch and Zechawa ditch three main trenches, these three trenches are slightly like "human" shape. There are the widest, highest and most magnificent three waterfalls in the scenic area; Pearl Beach Waterfall, Nuorilang Waterfall, Panda Sea Waterfall, there are more than 100 alpine lakes and dozens of high and low waterfalls and other landscapes. The most beautiful and strange thing is the water, clear and clear, changing without.


Day 4: Start at around 07:00 in the morning and drive to Chuanzhusi Town, the earliest political, economic and cultural site in northwest Sichuan. Along the way to enjoy the Gan Haizi scenic spot: (Gan Haizi scientific name Fangcao Sea, located at the border of the county bow bar Ridge. It is surrounded by distant mountains, dense forests, meandering streams in the sea, and luxuriant grass. It is covered with a velvet carpet. It is studded with wildflowers in summer and autumn, herds of cattle, sheep, mules and horses. In winter and spring, it is a deep yellow, contrasting with the red leaves of the surrounding snow mountains. The scenic area has the Golden rhinoceros Sea, the Fangcao Sea and the lake group composed of the Jiuqu color River, so that the river waterfalls in the surrounding mountain canyon are densely distributed, the primitive forest is dense, and the alpine plant vertical zone spectrum is obvious. In September and October, the red leaves of Jiuzhai are red. Take photos here. The blue sky, snowy mountains, colorful forests ---- are beautiful. Jiaban villa area: It and Jiuzhai paradise vacation and known as the two pearl of Jiuzhai. Nearly 200,000 square meters of buildings are original Tibetan and Qiang style, whether it is the Guanzhai restaurant, the grand theater, the Diaolou, or a small bar, the external wall is decorated with local pieces of stone, or just built with stones, the architectural style is unique. Visit the plateau crystal exhibition, Tibetan medicine or plateau yak beef processing. Lunch special arrangement of medicinal food braised chicken pot. Afternoon to enjoy the "earth Yaochi" known as the scenic spot. Due to the high sea appropriation, you can do according to your physical strength, the highest can walk to the temple. Along the way to enjoy the welcome pool, waterfall flow Hui, wash body hole, bonsai pool, temple, five color pool and so on. After the tour by car to wine stay rest.

Matters needing attention

1. Before departure, you should prepare your daily necessities.


2. Don't litter anywhere.


3. Don't shout.


4. Local customs should be respected.