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7.56 million graduates in 2016! Graduate job Search Guide

2018-03-21 03:12:13

There were 6.99 million graduates in 2013, 7.27 million in 2014, 7.49 million in 2015, and 7.56 million in 2016! In the face of such huge employment pressure, the author has summarized some employment experience for everyone, hoping to help you prepare or are looking for graduates. How to solve the weakness of "no work experience".


The most frustrating thing for graduates looking for a job for the first time is that there are a lot of job postings online, but these employers and units require candidates to have * * years of work experience. This has no intention to just graduate the little white merciless block out. There are many people who need to invest in jobs that require work experience, and then they are battered, and their minds are hot, and they enter some of those who come to the door and beg you to enter, : various sales, buy insurance, credit cards, pos machines and so on. If you are a reader in this situation, I strongly advise you to be level-headed and not to make a choice easily. Because, the first job has a big impact on the direction of the future development. Mencius mother three accommodation is this truth. If you aim right, you have every chance of getting into a regular workout.


Why would you want to apply for a position that requires work experience if you have no work experience? It's hard to get an interview for a job like this, because 90% of your resume won't even pass the first screening. Of course, going to an interview is also a great chance of being abused, because you are voting for something more than you. Therefore, it is wrong for graduates to apply for jobs that require work experience. Please try the internship first.


The best way to Show your competence and enthusiasm in an interview How to show your competence and enthusiasm in an interview? The best way to do this is to do something for free in your target position. Exactly what you do depends on the position you are aiming for. You can do a user survey, promotion plan, product usage report, business market research, etc. Don't be afraid of your own crap, the interviewer naturally knows that an inexperienced graduate can't do high quality things, but your behavior 1. Can show their ability. If there is a bright spot in your work, it will definitely make the interviewer look at you with new eyes and feel that "this child has great potential and can be cultivated". 2. Even if your work is rubbish, the interviewer will know that you are passionate about the job and that you want to get in. Enthusiasm is not just talk about it, everyone who takes part in the interview says he has enthusiasm, the interviewer is tired of hearing, you are not "say" you have enthusiasm, but "take out" your enthusiasm, it will definitely be more effective.


Do not give up the easy to take the difficult, to attack the short of others with their own long, in addition, do not blindly follow the trend of choice when choosing a post. Nowadays, the employment pressure is great and the competition is fierce. So, think twice before considering hot jobs. The so-called "hot" is a synonym for "the number of competitors." You know, the competition is not only for new graduates, but also for current and former employees with work experience. When you see that others are determined to enter the hot job, what you need to do is not to follow up with a resume, but to think about their own strengths. If you are not good at this position, you have sent a resume, it is also the interview was abused, the post was abused, the way was abused, you are not by, why always want to be abused? Don't know what you're good at? Think you're not good at anything? Then you think wrong, you have been in school chaos for more than 10 years, you just have to carefully recall, you in study and life, that performance is good. : an aspect of a subject in which you are better than others; In a conversation, you say something that everyone agrees with; Some of your actions are affirmed by others... As long as you dig down along these lines, there is no one who can't find something they are good at.


Go astray: You can aim at the position below to introduce you a sword to go astray. In advance, this move is very risky, the author also does not approve of everyone to use, write out also want to throw a brick, give you a idea, not to try. So use need to think twice, as for the consequences are good or bad, the author is not responsible. According to the current situation in China, anything to develop, need to go through a Chinese-style chaotic stage, as early as the group purchase war, the recent O2O war, in this chaotic industry, the most suitable for "fishing in troubled waters". The big alligator that will play is the big fish that touch the muddy water, stabilize the heel in the chaotic environment, and lay down a river. Less is the fish in the muddy water, in the chaotic environment of big speculation of their own ideas, circle money, financing, open. Like us graduates, we can only touch some small fish and shrimp: ask for a job. Because of the chaotic development, enterprises also have no reasonable review and evaluation system for these positions, which are different from those traditional positions that have been developed and tend to mature. The interviewer is also inexperienced, and this feeling goes away, so you have a chance? Learn the relevant knowledge, and then you can go to try your luck and fish. As for what specific positions are positions, I will not write them out, because as I said before, I do not agree with you to try.


Participate in training: from the inexperienced to the experienced so-called where there is demand, there is business. Now there are many training and education institutions in the society, they aim at the graduates have no job manager, no professional skills but high-quality, high learning ability characteristics, to provide a medium and short-term training for the majority of graduates, so that graduates can successfully enter the job. A few years earlier, I would not have recommended this path for graduates. But after years of development, these educational institutions have developed a certain experience and scale. They have passed the situation of crossing the river by feeling the stones, and officially entered the road of efficient and professional training. Some training institutions and even many employers have, can directly recommend students employment. One of the more established institutions is the headquartered Star System Education. In fact, training can help graduates avoid many detours. After intensive actual combat exercises, trainees can gain valuable work experience. Students can be directly recommended to participate in the work after graduation, saving the trouble of hitting the wall everywhere on the job, suffering the eyes of people, hard to take time to learn everywhere, consult the old bird and so on.