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4 traps to pay attention to when applying for driving school

2018-03-24 06:24:52

In the current driving school market, many driving schools have played tricks on students, for these traps, students should pay more attention to avoid being cheated.

4 traps to pay attention to when applying for driving school

Group purchase: The group purchase price is usually very attractive, much lower than the market. However, after signing a contract, students will find that the progress is very slow, and may not be able to schedule a training time once a month, because a coach may have more than 100 students.


Cost: The advertised price is very low and requires you to pay a bunch of fees for various purposes in the middle of the training. Before you do, make sure you have a clear understanding of the fees.


Relationship: Most driving school coaches have a relationship with all cars, and can arrange tests in advance for students to speed up the progress of the exam, but they need to cost, from hundreds to thousands of yuan - this is the unspoken rule of the driving school industry.


Buying a driver's license: While illegal, buying a driver's license always attracts people who don't have the time but are willing to spend it. It is recommended that you would rather not take a driver's license, and do not buy a driver's license directly, because the basic skills of driving should be as solid as possible, otherwise, you will joke with your life on the road later. END

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