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2014USnews ranked top5 in geriatrics among American universities

2018-04-03 12:48:34

The following I want to share is the 2014USnews American university ranking of geriatrics in the top 5 colleges and universities, as our country enters the aging society, this profession is gradually hot, some people also want to go abroad to learn more advanced professional knowledge, next I will introduce the basic situation of these 5 schools from the aspects of professional introduction of colleges and universities, application conditions, etc., I hope you can be great The choice of home is enlightening. 1. Mount Sinai School of Medicine Gerontology is a branch of medicine that is separate from internal medicine and focuses primarily on the health of the elderly. Geriatric medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine includes preventive medicine and health education, as well as the treatment of diseases of older adults. For more than a century, Johns Hopkins University has been recognized as a leader in medicine, research, and teaching. Today, Johns Hopkins Medicine is still known for its outstanding medical researchers, nurses, and experts in a variety of clinical specialties. Requirements: TOEFL IBT 100 GPA: No less than 3.653, University of California -Los Angeles When you arrive at UCLA School of Medicine, you will enter the complex and changing world of healthcare, discover your true interest in the healthcare industry, and learn how to achieve your educational and academic goals. At the same time, you will be challenged with health care challenges, leading the way in research, physics and education to participate in dispute resolution discussions and experience the entire process of clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients. The Duke School of Medicine is the flagship school of Duke University, second only to Harvard and Johns Hopkins University, as the top three medical institutions in the United States. Duke University Clinical Research Institute is the oldest and largest academic group of its kind in the United States. In recent years, Harvard Medical School has been rated as the best medical school in the United States. For medicine, Harvard Medical School was the first to propose a new approach to teaching, that is, problem-solving, case-based learning, and early contact with patients, so that students can accumulate practical experience to the maximum extent. Requirements: TOEFL :95 IELTS :7