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2014 personal year-end work summary how to write the work year-end summary

2018-01-12 04:48:00

At the end of the year, the more formal will have an annual meeting, of course, the year-end summary is also to be written. Many friends who have just worked do not know how to write the year-end summary, here is to introduce how to write the personal year-end summary, here only introduces the general process, does not involve the specific work content.


Laptop or computer


Pen or keyboard


Writing a work summary, of course, the first is to have a standard title, generally with time + personal work summary such a title.


Next to write a formal summary, the first paragraph is an overview, about this year's work results, with the original plan what differences, of course, do not forget to kiss the leadership of the leadership under the leadership of xx leadership to achieve what kind of results, the leadership are good ~


Then it is necessary to specifically expand to say, first talk about their growth, experience what experience, learned what things, experienced what things, what progress in the post and so on.


After saying growth and progress, of course, we also need to talk about what shortcomings we have, what aspects of knowledge we need to learn, who we need to learn from, and where we need to work hard to learn and charge.


After saying the advantages and disadvantages of the results are basically completed, and then write is to look at the future, in the New Year, how to do, what to study hard, improve what and so on. Of course, even if you can't do it, you have to shout a slogan and give the leader a determination, you know, the leader


Finally, write the signature and date, pay attention to the lower right corner oh, here, the personal work summary is officially over!

Matters needing attention

Be sure to sign and date it!


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