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12 big hidden features

2018-03-25 00:00:48

Do you really know how to use it? How to post moments? How to build a group? Chat history deleted how to restore? In fact, there are many small functions hidden up, you can not see, as a look at the twelve hidden functions!

1. Group QR code

Each group has a QR code, want to quickly invite more people into the group, you can send the group QR code to the person you want to invite. Click on the upper right corner of the group, select [Group QR code], click on the upper right corner to select the purpose of the QR code. However, in order to ensure the user experience and prevent the occurrence of random friends, users will automatically set an identification validity period when pulling the group QR code, and each validity period is 7 days.

2. Voice group chat

Typing in groups can't keep up with chatting? Voice mail and no one listens? Open the voice group chat function ~ Click [+] in the group chat dialog interface, select [Voice chat], and then you can select members to freely set up a chat group ~

3, the group owner can @everyone

There are too many people in the group, and what you want to say to someone is always brushed away quickly. In this case, you can long press someone's profile picture to @him. Group master click the upper right corner to select the group announcement, you can also @ everyone at once, don't worry about the message is not in place ~

4. Merge and forward group chat messages

Now more and more people are used to communication work, there is a new project at hand to pull a group can discuss, convey work afraid of missing information, you can merge the group chat information forward. Long press the chat message, select [more], check the information to be conveyed and then select the lower left corner [forward] to forward or combine forward.

5. Set unread messages

If there are too many messages to handle and you are afraid of forgetting to reply, you can choose to set the message as [unread message], long press the group you want to set, and select [mark as unread], the upper right corner of the group will display a red number to remind you of the unread message.

6. Turn off message alerts

When you don't want to be disturbed and can't shut down, you can select the "do not disturb" mode in "I" - "Settings" and set the "do not disturb" time, or turn off the new message reminder, so that you don't have to remember to refresh the small red dot in the circle of friends.

7. Speech translation

What should I do when I receive voice messages at work or in meetings that are inconvenient to listen to? You can long press the voice to select [convert to text], but currently only supports translation into Mandarin, and it is time to verify the Mandarin level of your friends

8. Enlarge the font

When you see a large paragraph of text sent by a friend, double-clicking the message can display the text in full screen, which looks clearer and easier.

9. Withdraw the message

The withdrawal function is comparable to the penitent medicine, the effectiveness of two minutes. When the message is sent to the wrong group, don't collapse first, quickly press the message to choose to withdraw, but the screenshots of those who are quick with their eyes can only ask for their own blessings. Ahh...

10. Quick access to documents

Chat records refresh too fast, want to find photos, files and other materials when many people will choose to turn chat records, in fact, you can click the upper right corner function key, select "chat file" can quickly find the needed photos and files.

11. Fast receipt and payment

Go to the supermarket, buy breakfast, go to the mall to chop hands, more and more people do not want to carry a heavy wallet, prefer convenient and quick payment, in fact, payment can be faster. When receiving and paying, you do not need to open it from the "Wallet" entrance. Click "+" - "Receive and pay" in the upper right corner of the main interface to choose to receive or pay.

12. Slow typing?

Download the computer version for work if typing is slow and it is not good to send voice communication, you can download the computer version, typing is faster and smoother, and you can also wirelessly transfer files, information, etc. Download from the website.