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12306 How to apply for temporary identification?

2018-03-26 17:36:13

When a passenger cannot produce a valid ID card due to the absence or loss of a valid ID card when purchasing a ticket or after purchasing a ticket or before boarding a train, he or she may apply for a temporary ID card at the station. When handling, one of the following conditions must be met, and carry a one-inch photo: (1) Issue a letter of household registration certificate of the local authority. (2) The student passenger presents a letter of identification from his/her school. (3) Active servicemen of the Chinese People's Army and Armed Police forces shall present a letter of certification issued by their respective units. (4) The foreign passenger shall hold a letter of certification issued by the local embassy or consulate. (5) Passengers who purchase tickets with other valid documents shall hold the certification letter issued by the issuing department. (6) Those who can prove their identity by other means. The contents of the certificate letter must include the passenger's name, gender, date of birth, native place, valid identity document and other information, and stamped with the official seal of the certification unit. If a valid identity document is lost after the purchase of the ticket, the contents of the certificate letter shall be consistent with the identity information of the passenger recorded on the ticket. The temporary travel ID is only for passengers to purchase tickets, refund tickets, transit visas, verification of tickets and travel. Please keep it properly. When the real name system is implemented at all stations in the same city, the temporary identification certificate can be used.